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 mikasa-volleyballMiddle School - Coach Shawna Wilson

  Name  # 
  Alauna Wilson   34
  Ella Benham  18
  Breezi Basinger  16
  Morgan Cone 17 
  Ella DeCasas 3
  Karlie Walters
  Faith Segar  31
  Rachel Holmes 26
  Savannah Lemmond 25






Junior Varsity - Coach Carl Gambrell

  Name   #
  Alayna Collins  19
  Anna Gambrell  2
  Bethany Hogan  50
  Makalie Beaver  27
  Hannah Kayali  4
  Chloe Creason  23
  Nadia Delacruz  24
  Madison Desrosiers  31
   Shayla Hatley  15
  Taylor Holmes 11





Varsity - Coach Lee Dupre

  Name   #
  Amber Barker  10
  Jenna Rider 7
  Jordan Pracht 18
  Lauren Morefield  13
  Kristen Wilson  5
  Kyrsten Mclaurin  12
  Lexi Dupre  1
  Macenzie Desrosiers 9



Boys - Coach Lee Dupre

  Name   #
   Corey Cone  50
   Kieran Wilson  77
   Luke Holm  3
   Malachi Wilson  6
   Marshall Barker  4
   Noah Duncan  17
   Owen Painter-Krause  15
   Seth Pracht  8
  Seth Wilhelm 2
  Si Castillo 12
  Zachary Wilhelm 23



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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association (GCAA) is to provide the home schooled student athletic opportunities within an environment that is both Christian and competitive. We desire to nurture the character of the young men and women entrusted to our program that will allow them to be successful in all future endeavors.

Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization that relies entirely on the membership of each family and the donations of gracious people outside the GCAA family. GCAA is a member of the larger North Carolina Home Educators Athletic Conference(NCHEAC) and Mid-State Athletic Conference.

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