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Here is a link that lists what the weekend meets your runner is signed up for. This list was compiled from your meet forms that were submitted at the beginning of the season. We have also listed your children's times that are being considered as their seed time. It allows us to make the best choices as far as who may be in a championship run or who is JV/V.






Please follow this link to sign your runners up for our free weekday meets. You can find more information about these meets on our calendar by clicking on the meet's link. Even if there is only one you can make, you need to log it in.
South Lake Christian: 8/30 for high school and middle school - RSVP by 8/16
Metrolina Christian Academy: 9/27 for high school and middle school- RSVP by 9/13
Metrolina Christian Academy: 10/6 for highschool and middle school - RSVP by 9/22
Corvian Middle School: 10/11 for middle school only- RSVP by 9/27
Enter your name below and add "RSVP" if available to come to the meet or "N/A" if you are not available for that meet.  

It is finally here! Follow this link to the google document for logging in your training. It is as easy as adding your runner's name and following the directions at the top of the log. There are abbrevations for recording your training. There is a seperate sheet for each month. The tabs for these are at the bottom of the document. Happy running ya'll!


Use these abbreviations to fill in the training log. These are also listed on the Google document.


Enter your name and one of the following values for the appropriate date:
LR + Distance in miles = Long Run (exp: LR 4.0)
MR + Distance in miles = Medium Run (exp: MR 2.0)
M = Meet   
* = If done at practice
HI = Hills and Intervals
T + Total Time = Tempo Run (exp: T 35min)
XT = Cross Train






REQUIREMENTS FOR MEETS-Each runners must have met the 36 minute or less 5k (timing for this will be done at the 8/20 practice), have all paper work in, have been attending at least 2 practices a week (meets count), have maintained the training log on google document, and have had their family turn in their case of drinks and snacks. Drinks can be water/Gatorade/juice box and snacks need to be healthy.

UPDATES/CANCELLATIONS- Practices will not be cancelled unless there is severe weather or rain. Meets are not cancelled for chance of weather and will have a delayed start if there is rain in the morning. All cancellations will be listed under team news on the GCAA XC webpage.

FORMS-Any physicals that are left that need to be turned in this next week or two can be sent to Kim Hodson via email or snail mail; 9315 Swallowtail Lane Charlotte, NC 28269. Physicals can be done at Fast Med Urgent care for $25.

MEETS-You can find info about our meets on the GCAA XC calendar. *******Just click on the meet and you will find information or the link to a page. There you will find location and times for runners. Please have runners at the meet 1 hour before they are due to run. If at all possible please attend the entire meet so the runners can cheer for the rest of the team. 1 week before the meet we will update the news page to inform which kids are JV/V/MS. This will likely stay the same for all meets but there will be some moving on the JV/V depending on who is coming to the meet. We will stack the fastest 7 runners on the V team. You can also look up our team at Atheletic.net under Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association.******* Runners need to sign up for weekday meets at least 2 weeks in advance through the google document that will be under team news. 

FORMS OF COMMUNICATION/COACHES- Our primary form of communication is the GCAA XC website. Weekly updates, cancellations and delays, and google documents for tracking will be listed under team news. General rules are listed under meet our team tab. We have several coaches. Please address any team management issues to Summer and any individual coaching issues to your child’s practice coach. Please do not tell coaches that you are or are not coming to meets. Address weekday meets through the google document and Saturday meets by emailing Summer.

PRACTICES- The meet and practice calendar can be found on our website. Go to www.GCAAStallions.com and look under the Cross Country tab. The calendar tab can be found on the right hand lower end of the page. If there is a weekday meet scheduled for the same day as a practice please contact the coach in charge of that practice to see if it is still on. We will not have Saturday practices on the days we have meets. 

LAST DAY OF SEASON-This will be on October the 29th. We will have a chance to serve together at the college level regionals hosted by UNCC at Frank Liske. I am looking for someone who would like to be point of contact for that. We will also participate in the Jack-o-Lantern Jaunt 5k at Frank Liske. I have heard the after party is great and we may rent a shelter.

SERIOUS COMPETITORS- For those runners who want to extend the season and be in a competitive race check out November 26th on our calendar. There is a link to The Footlocker race which is a regional race for 10 years old and up.

Here is some informatin for anyone who wanted to practice at HOPE Academy.
We wanted to get an email out to you about our available practices before we begin practice at Hope Academy on August 15th.
We will be practicing at Vietnam Veterans Park here in Concord. Below is the link for the Stallions calendar page. Go to this link (below) and you will see practices listed, the ones that say Floge are the practices we are running. If you click on the the calendar "Floge" it will give you an address for the park.
Also- listed on the calendar, but I will mention here. Other dates we will practice before Aug. 15th.
July 26 and 28 - Vietnam Veterans Park
July 30- Frank Liske Park (whole team practice- all Stallions)
August 6- Frank Liske Park  (whole team practice- all Stallions)
August 10 and 12- Dorton Park
August 13- Frank Liske Park (whole team practice- all Stallions)
August 15- Hope Academy
OK- so if you can come out and run...
1. Wear good running shoes
2. Bring plenty of water and a re hydration drink
If you are able to come, let us know to look for you. We will park in the first parking lot on the left and meet in the Pavilion.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association (GCAA) is to provide the home schooled student athletic opportunities within an environment that is both Christian and competitive. We desire to nurture the character of the young men and women entrusted to our program that will allow them to be successful in all future endeavors.

Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization that relies entirely on the membership of each family and the donations of gracious people outside the GCAA family. GCAA is a member of the larger North Carolina Home Educators Athletic Conference(NCHEAC) and Mid-State Athletic Conference.

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