Black hat 480x480Coaches play a vital & significant role in youth sports. Most of us want our kids to participate in youth sports , and hope they have good coaches who will teach them the game & sportsmanship. 

The Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association (GCAA) primary function is to provide a competitive sports venue for homeschool students. It is an environment that promotes a Christian approach to sports and teaches the student athlete the importance of bringing their faith into their athletics. GCAA is based in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, but serves athletes from all areas surrounding, reaching into Mecklenburg and Rowan Counties frequently as well as drawing athletes from many more distant counties in North and South Carolina. GCAA is a safe place for a student to honor God and play his or her sport to their highest ability. Teams are developed for the purpose of developing the character, skill, and teamwork of each student with the hope that a properly placed passion for their sport will serve them and their walk with God for the rest of their lives.


Be a part of a youth athlete's sports experience!

GCAA coaches volunteer their time and talents to provide a positive atmosphere for our atheletes. If you have interest in becoming a coach or assistant please contact us.